From: Great Britain

Favorite Detector(s) : All Minelab Machines

We at Team Motley are also very happy to have this “crazy” lovable Englishman in our team for support on any level!

Neil Jones or aka Mr. Slow_n_low. What can we tell you about this guy… Well he has been on the Detecting scene for many years now, in fact he has 41 years of detecting experience in total So knows fill well what he is talking about.

He has done all kinds of detecting all around the world. His Favourite beach to hunt is Blackpool Beach in the UK. But he likes any beach or surf on any coast or any river, lake or pond. He is always helpfull to anybody who needs it either on the phone, on the Internet or on the fields and beaches with tips & tricks about machines, programs etc to both beginners up to seasoned detectorists.

He is well known for his very Large test lanes that he sets up when doing events for Minelab both in the UK and Belgium and the Netherlands. He also does one to one and group coaching/training days with any Minelab metal detector.

People around the world are using programs that Neil has devised for different Minelab high end machines from the Explorer XS, II, SE, Etrac, Ctx3030 and Equinox like Neils Beach to land etc. He has the world’s largest Equinox 800-600 Facebook group…… DUG THAT’S OFFICIAL MINELAB EQUINOX 800-600 GROUP…….. Anyone is welcome so why not hop aboard. His favourite finds are ….All finds of all periods are interesting to me Bronze age right up to Victorian /Edwardian, history is history.

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