The founder of Motley Digging Tools is the Dutchman Bert van Heerde. A passionate artist and a specialist with decades of experience in the field of metal detection.

With his extensive experience, he commissioned a team of engineers to develop the perfect Grassknife & beach sand scoop. He then used his artistic nature and vision to give the Motley Digging Tools their excentric and colorful identity. That’s how Motley Digging Tools was born. In a nutshell.

A Motley Sand Beach Scoop & Grassknife digger is a unique digging tool. Specially designed by Bert and Motley Digging Tools, together with a team of highly professional and experienced engineers and detectorists. That should mean something to you. The Motley Sand scoop is made of two-millimeter-thick high-grade Inox steel and is therefore much stronger than carbon, wood or glass fiber. This boy is ready for some heavy duty work.

The Sand scoop handle has an ideal height and is designed with an all round grip thanks to the ingenious hexagon shaped holes. This means you won’t be needing extra tape or foam to get full grip. It also means lighter weight and easier handling. These larger and smaller notches also allow sand and water to drain easily from the handle and Sand scoop. You only have to do the light work.

The Motley Beach Sand Scoop has an ingenious two-step footpad, so you can dig carefully or work roughly in each situation. The Sand scoop has high quality welds and a super easy one pin lock system, which makes the handle and Sand scoop very easy to disassemble as a travel concept.

Our new Motley grass digger knife is born almost the same way as our beach Sand scoops, developed with the purpose of beying functional, unique design, motley easygrip handle and available in 12 colours

Detected a treasure? Then it’s time to dig! Well prepared that is. When we designed the unique Motley Grass Digger Knives we listened to our customers. That’s why this Digger knife is one of the lightest in the world (about 313 grams). Second, it’s thought out. We put cutting teeth on both sides of the blade, so the knife is suitable for left and right-handers.

Talking about the blade. It’s cold pressed and heath treated which makes it stiff and super strong. We added the Motley Easy Grip handle and a hexagon laser cut design to reduce weight. And just look at those 12 incredible colors man! Choose for extreme visibility or maximum camouflage. It’s your Grass digger knife, you decide.

So, take your Motley Grass Digger Knife. Go to a field, meadow, forest or beach. Detect your treasure. And start digging. Well prepared and okay, good looking.

Do you want to tell us how happy you are with your new Motley Digging Tool? Are you going to expand your collection? Or do you have a pressing question? Then send us a quick message at info@motleybeachscoops.com. We are available 24/7 (although we like to take a small beauty sleep from time to time).

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