Stef Tanguay

From: USA

Favorite Detectors: Minelab Manticore, Minelab Equinox 600, Minelab Equinox 900

Stef is an enthusiastic and highly respected detectorist, often sought out for her assistance in identifying relics and coins, as well as her knowledge of Minelab metal detectors. She primarily detects 17th to early 19th century sites, which has afforded her an impressive collection of rare and valuable finds even though she has only been detecting since 2017.

Among her favorite finds are Contact Period Native American kettle points, a George Washington inaugural button, and a growing pile of colonial Spanish silver reales.

Stef shares her digging adventures on her YouTube channel, Stef Digs, along with her Instagram and Facebook accounts where she has grown a loyal following of like-minded diggers. She believes that the keys to success are an ever curious mind, paired with the unwillingness to go home empty-handed.

In addition to her everyday digging, Stef enjoys helping out at events where Minelab is present, as she is also a proud Minelab Detexpert.

Mark Dayton

From: USA – California Gold Country


Favorite Detectors: Minelab CTX-3030, Minelab GPX-6000, Minelab Gold Monster 1000, Minelab Manticore, XP Deus II, Nokta Makro Legend, Minelab Explorer II, Minelab GPZ-7000.


Mark grew up in the foothills of the mountain ranges of the California Gold Country. An area steeped in early history of the Spanish Mission Padres, Mexican era Ranchos, Fur Trappers, Loggers and early Settlers. Then came the California Gold Rush in 1848. Many incredible discoveries of both Gold and Relics have been made by Mark over the years. He detects for gold, relics and does underwater sniping for gold in the rivers in gold country. Also detects the beaches along the Northern California Coast.


Mark has been a treasure hunter for 35+ years and is a published author and expert in using metal detectors. Spent all of his adult life as a Firefighter-Paramedic in California. He is also a very busy professional musician (in one of California’s premier country bands). Mark has appeared on several TV shows, radio shows and podcasts. He is a frequent speaker at many detecting clubs and conventions and is highly sought after for speaking on the subject of field research and metal detecting. Mark is a Minelab Detexpert and can answer all of your questions regarding Minelab Metal Detectors.


Mark also teaches several classes on Metal Detecting, Research and How to Find Gold.

Alison Walker

From: Canada

Favorite Detectors: Minelab (Excalibur2, Manticore & Equinox800) & Nokta Macro (Legend & PulseDive)

Favourite diving equipment: Dive BLU3 hookah systems, The Nemo & Nomad.

Alison is a welknown and very experienced detectorist on all levels for over more then 12 years, next to that she is Open Water Scuba certified to 60’ depth.

She mainly detect water, underwater, beach detecting but also love to detect century homes and farm fields.

Also specialized in ring (jewelery recovery,s) and  in her 8th year with the global network TheRingFinders ( ).

She charge a fee to go out pending distance as well as the needed equipment to get the job completed in a safe and efficient manner. she feels like she is  a ring detective/investigator. Alison have over 110 recoveries done in 7 years.

“Once I find the lost object the client is to donate to the charity I snowmobile for called “The Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation”. My entire “reward” for finding the object goes to the charity. I request 10-20% or more. The client choses the amount and they also receipt a tax receipt for the tax return. I have raised over $22,000 from my ring recoveries of $35,000 in my 14 years with the Kelly Shires! I am very proud and I live for the REACTIONS of the clients especially if I make them cry tears of shear joy and disbelief ”

“Honoured and proud to me a member of the Motley Team!”

We are also very happy to have Alison on board of our team!

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Laurie Gagne

From: Canada

Favorite Detectors: Minelab Equinox 800, Minelab Maniticore

Laurie is a Canadian who has been living in Quebec Canada her entire life. She has been a passionate and dedicated metal detector enthusiast since 2009.

She started her YouTube Channel in 2013 and enjoys creating metal detecting videos and teaching tutorials.

You can often find her digging in the farm fields, at older private homes, in the parks and at the beaches.

Laurie loves searching and finding old coins, relics and jewelry. Anything that gets her heart racing!

Also Laurie is also a Ring Finder and a Minelab Detexpert

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Axel Macon

From: USA

Favorite Detectors: Minelab Ctx 3030, Minelab Equinox 800

Born and raised in the United States Axel grew up in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, home of Fort Fisher.

One of the last ports to fall in the south He spent his childhood surfing and roaming the woods. His favorite things are metal detecting, hiking, and spending time with his wife Sydney, Son Madoc and Great Danes.

He currently lives in Charleston South Carolina and explores the woods, fueled by the history and the thrill of exploration. One of his recent finds is set to be displayed at the Smithsonian Museum.

Types of things He finds Colonial, Revolutionary War, Civil War Or Civilian Artifacts from the years 1600-1899

Also Axel is representing the brand of Minelab as a Detexpert for the USA.

We are very happy to have  Axel on board of Team Motley!

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Felix Johannsen

From: Germany

Favorite Detectors: All Minelab machines and in particular the Excalibur ll, Equinox 800, of course the Minelab Excalibur II is his favorite sometimes he is also search with the XP Deus.

We are also very pleased to introduce Felix Johannsen aka Küstensondler, he has been very experienced at almost all levels of water and beach locating for a number of years. He is always striving to push his limits and meet new detectors. In addition, Felix is ​​a lot under water with the Blu3 Nemo. Very happy again to have Felix on board our Motley team.

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Joanna Laznicka

Motley’s Marketing Specialist

From: USA

Favorite Detector(s): Minelab Equinox 800, Nokta Makro Pulse Dive

Joanna Jana Laznicka, a Czech-Canadian residing in Southern California, is passionate about all things associated with metal detecting. She mainly detects on the West Coast, from Southern California to Northern British Columbia focusing on detecting beaches, rivers, parks, permissions, and the woods. Joanna is the founder of Focus Speed  ( an online metal detecting publication where she and other advanced metal detectorist share metal detecting tips. Some of her notable finds both found in California are an early 18century, Spanish Branding Iron and a 1906 Austrian Gold Coin.

We are also very happy to have Joanna on board of our team!

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Sean Haymes-Maree

Sr. Business advicer USA

From: USA

Favorite Detectors: Minelab Ctx 3030, Minelab Equinox 800, Minelab Excalibur II, Minelab Manticore

Born in the UK and raised in the United States. Sean first started metal detecting in the hills of Northern California and Southern Mexico in the search for placer gold. Then moved to the East Coast of Florida where he now enjoys searching for Spanish and British artifacts. Experienced on both Land and Sea as well as the fields in the UK and Scotland.

Sean has been helping and advising from the beginning of the start of Motley digging Tools. With his expirience and business connections we are very happy and thankfull to have Sean on board of our team! next to that Sean is also a official Minelab Detexpert and Coiltek Ambassador.

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Mike Marvinny

From: USA

Favorite Detector(s): Minelab Equinox 800 and XP Deus II

Born in Pennsylvania and now living in Oregon. He began metal detecting in the early 1980s on Civil War sites in Georgia. He has expanded his detecting to home sites on the Oregon Trail, parks, water, and yearly trips to England hunting plowed fields and pastures. He also enjoys watchmaking, cooking, hiking, and birdwatching. His true passion is for metal detecting and expanding his knowledge of new technologies in the hobby.

Also a warm welcome for this specialist from the USA

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Mike Silver

From: France

Favorite Detector(s): All Nokta Makro machines and Especially the Anfibio, Gold Kruzer, Simplex and ofcours the Minelab Excalibur II

We are also very happy to introduce you Mike Silver, he is very experienced on almost all levels of water & beach detecting for over 20 years. He is always driven to push himself to the limits.

Also Mike is a Nomad/Tester for Nokta Makro Europe.

Again very happy to have this Nomad on board of our Motley Team.

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Christoph Sontheimer

From: Germany

Christoph has been detecting since 1999. He received his first metal detector from his grandfather, to explore the German Westwall/Siegfried line for left behind WWII military relics, for his 18th birthday.  His first finds were an old German WWII steel helmet, as well as various military decorations.

A keen interest in Roman, Celtic, and Medieval history has driven Christoph to search for historical treasures all accross Europe.  The woods, farm fields, old rocks, and narrow passes are his playground when it comes to metal detecting, however relic and coin hunting is his specialty. Christoph loves being in nature with fellow detectorists and takes every opportunity to inspire others to take up detecting.

Christoph has found huge range of treasures spanning many historical eras, with one of his most memorable finds being a silver Medieval coin hoard. Above all else, Christoph is driven by the excitement of making finds, and the preservation of all treasures for posterity.

Again also proud to have this second Bavarian Searcher on board of our Team!

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Andre Wende

From: Germany

Favorite Detector(s): Minelab Equinox 800 and Minelab Excallibur II

Andre is a keen detectorist aswell on land as in the water escpecially in Croatia and German lakes.He has a lot of experience on all levels and is living in the south of Germany.

One of his favourite finds are a medieval battle axe (1250 — 1500 AD) and an enamel disc fibula from the 10th century (which is now on display in a local museum).
Ofcourse he is also very proud on his finds on the beach and in the water.

Again also proud to have this Bavarian Searcher on board of our Team

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Allan Abilgaard Jensen

From: Danmark

Favorite Detector(s): Minelab Equinox800 and Minelab Vanquish 440

At the age of 11, Allan picked up his first detector and has been hooked ever since. Based in western Denmark, he primarily hunts fields and waterways for Viking and Bronze Age treasures.

Over the years, Allan has made a number of great discoveries within walking distance from his home. With his love of history, Allan considers the most exciting part of detecting is that you never know what you’ll dig up — everything from a button to a Viking Gold Pearl can make his day. Allan loves when his wife, family and friends all unearth great finds.

We are very happy to have a Danish “Viking” on board of our Team Motley

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Paul Cee

From: Great Britain

Favorite Detector(s): Minelab Equinox800 / Minelab Vanquish 540-340 / Minelab E-trac / Minelab CTX3030

Paul Cee has been metal detecting for the past 17 years, he is very experienced on mainly wet beach and water hunter.

He is traveling from beach to beach around the whole  U.K. and  is always on a new adventure.

Because of his adventures he is  meeting many people and is having always a good time.

Paul has also a very nice youtube channel and is always giving good and honoust reviews on diggingtools, detectors . Paul,s comment “Such a great pleasure to represent MOTLEY Beach Scoops over here in the UK”

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Jan Brand

From: The Netherlands

Favorite Detector(s): Minelab CTX3030/Nokta Makro Anfibio

Jan is a very experienced metaldetectorist on all levels, he has over 38 years experience in the field.The last 10 years Jan focused on water/beach detecting and also is involved in a organization who can be contacted when people looses important things like wedding rings, etc. to find it back. He also found a lot of special treasures from golden rings till a coin hoard etc. true whole of Europe.

We at Team Motley are also very happy with Jan as a team member and field tester and he is also a very enthusiastic guy and very experienced as a beach/water detectorist.

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Neil Jones

From: Great Britain

Favorite Detector(s) : All Minelab Machines

We at Team Motley are also very happy to have this “crazy” lovable Englishman in our team for support on any level!

Neil Jones or aka Mr. Slow_n_low. What can we tell you about this guy… Well he has been on the Detecting scene for many years now, in fact he has 41 years of detecting experience in total So knows fill well what he is talking about.

He has done all kinds of detecting all around the world. His Favourite beach to hunt is Blackpool Beach in the UK. But he likes any beach or surf on any coast or any river, lake or pond. He is always helpfull to anybody who needs it either on the phone, on the Internet or on the fields and beaches with tips & tricks about machines, programs etc to both beginners up to seasoned detectorists.

He is well known for his very Large test lanes that he sets up when doing events for Minelab both in the UK and Belgium and the Netherlands. He also does one to one and group coaching/training days with any Minelab metal detector.

People around the world are using programs that Neil has devised for different Minelab high end machines from the Explorer XS, II, SE, Etrac, Ctx3030 and Equinox like Neils Beach to land etc. He has the world’s largest Equinox 800-600 Facebook group…… DUG THAT’S OFFICIAL MINELAB EQUINOX 800-600 GROUP…….. Anyone is welcome so why not hop aboard. His favourite finds are ….All finds of all periods are interesting to me Bronze age right up to Victorian /Edwardian, history is history.

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Karol Oreczak

From: Poland

Favorite Detector(s): Minelab Explorer SE

We are very happy to have our friend Karol from Poland in our Motley Prostaff Team.  Karol is a 31 years young and living in the town of Świdwin in Northwest of Poland.

He has a lot of experience on all levels as a detectorist for more then 17 years.  Favourite searching areas for treasures for him are places like forrest, fields and lakes, which are plenty in his local area.

He is also very passionate about searching for treasures in the Baltic Sea.

In his dailey job Karol is a inventer, designer en tester of products for the metaldetecting industry, so this allows him to combine business and pleasure together.

Again, we at Team Motley are very happy and proud to have Karol on board of our team as prostaffer, tester and also advicer on technical stuf and issues.

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