From: Poland

Favorite Detector(s): Minelab Explorer SE

We are very happy to have our friend Karol from Poland in our Motley Prostaff Team.  Karol is a 31 years young and living in the town of Świdwin in Northwest of Poland.

He has a lot of experience on all levels as a detectorist for more then 17 years.  Favourite searching areas for treasures for him are places like forrest, fields and lakes, which are plenty in his local area.

He is also very passionate about searching for treasures in the Baltic Sea.

In his dailey job Karol is a inventer, designer en tester of products for the metaldetecting industry, so this allows him to combine business and pleasure together.

Again, we at Team Motley are very happy and proud to have Karol on board of our team as prostaffer, tester and also advicer on technical stuf and issues.

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