From: Canada

Favorite Detectors: Minelab (Excalibur2, Manticore & Equinox800) & Nokta Macro (Legend & PulseDive)

Favourite diving equipment: Dive BLU3 hookah systems, The Nemo & Nomad.

Alison is a welknown and very experienced detectorist on all levels for over more then 12 years, next to that she is Open Water Scuba certified to 60’ depth.

She mainly detect water, underwater, beach detecting but also love to detect century homes and farm fields.

Also specialized in ring (jewelery recovery,s) and  in her 8th year with the global network TheRingFinders ( ).

She charge a fee to go out pending distance as well as the needed equipment to get the job completed in a safe and efficient manner. she feels like she is  a ring detective/investigator. Alison have over 110 recoveries done in 7 years.

“Once I find the lost object the client is to donate to the charity I snowmobile for called “The Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation”. My entire “reward” for finding the object goes to the charity. I request 10-20% or more. The client choses the amount and they also receipt a tax receipt for the tax return. I have raised over $22,000 from my ring recoveries of $35,000 in my 14 years with the Kelly Shires! I am very proud and I live for the REACTIONS of the clients especially if I make them cry tears of shear joy and disbelief ”

“Honoured and proud to me a member of the Motley Team!”

We are also very happy to have Alison on board of our team!

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